Hartford Prints! is a family-run paper goods shop and studio that specializes in distinctive letterpress for weddings, special occasions, personal stationery, and more!  Sisters Addy, Callie, and Rory have joined their creative forces to produce paper that blends modern typography, fun design, and offbeat composition. Hartford_Prints_Sisters_Art_Letterpress_Custom_Stationery_Connecticut_New_York_Brooklyn_Boston

Hartford Prints! from Helder Mira on Vimeo.



Addy Gale                                                                     

Art Director and Print Master

As the Older Sister, Addy is in charge of executing the creative design, layout, and product choices for every client. Addy uses her significant drawing skills to add original artwork to all of our custom designs. Also, she is the master of all things press and print related, including labor and educational workshops.

Likes: knitting, pesto, scarves and shoes!



 Callie Gale Heilmann                                

Administrative Director and Social Media Guru

As the Middle Sister, Callie is responsible for client relations, sales and marketing strategies, and the day-to-day financial operations of the company. Callie is also in charge of maximizing and maintaining Hartford Prints!’s social media presence.

Likes: layers, straws, decks and fashion! 


Hartford_Prints_Younger_Sister_Rory_Gale_Letterpress_Designer_Wedding_Invitations_New_England_StationeryRory Gale                              

Creative Director and Studio Chief

As the Younger Sister, Rory is the glue that holds Hartford Prints! together. She is accountable for creating and overseeing the final proposal, design, and layout for every client, while running the day-to-day operations of the studio. Rory’s responsibilities bridge the creative, the technical, and the administrative arms of the company.

Likes: karaoke, maps, nachos and bowling!